Jack Sprat Restaurant

Our Vision is to nourish, educate and inspire our guests through food. Each plate is a mosaic of the finest seasonal ingredients available to us. We source organic and local produce; our seafood is Alaskan and sustainably caught. We use only the best, humanely-raised, natural meats and poultry. We evolve with each new menu and feature flavors from around the world.

Our Menu reflects our times. A modern, global culinary melting pot with a strong foundation of traditional techniques as well as progressive, healthy alternatives. We give respect to our dedicated staff, our community, and the resources available to us in this great state.

Our History Frans and Jen started Jack Sprat in 2001. Two Michiganders with a love of the mountains decided to offer fresh cuisine to the Girdwood Valley.

The mission was to bring people of different diet preferences together to dine under one roof. To create a place where humanely raised meats and vegan fare could live in harmony side by side. Food matters and so does the environment in which you experience it amongst friends. We hope you find nourishment and joy in our creation. Serving our guests great food makes us very happy.

Dinner Hours
4:30 – 10 pm
Brunch Saturday & Sunday
10 am – 2:30 pm

Reservations Accepted. Walk-ins Welcomed.


Jack Sprat Restaurant


PO Box 1074
Girdwood, Alaska

Dinner at Jack Sprat Restaurant


Brunch at Jack Sprat Restaurant


Jack Sprat