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Girdwood-based Chugach Adventures is a family-owned business dedicated to getting people into the scenic but accessible areas of Alaska’s Chugach mountain range. Founded in 1996 by Mike Overcast and Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe with a whitewater rafting focus, the company spearheaded the Spencer Lake area, partnering with the AK Railroad in 2002.

Veteran paddlers and longtime Chugach guides, Ari & Melanee Stiassny purchased the business in 2012. They love playing in their backyard, rowing with their three children (Mia-10, Col-7, Taz-3), and showing off Alaska’s wild places to guests from around the world. Ari and Melanee are serious about offering a premier guiding service, having developed a committed team of guides and an expanded tour catalog that offers an amazing array of adventures.

Local Guides

Chugach Adventures is proud to support local Alaskans, and even won Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) certification for its local hire policy. All guides were born and raised in Alaska or have spent many years here. They are passionate about the outdoors, approachable, and full of their own colorful anecdotes of life in Alaska. Their connection to the land provides guests with a deeper layer of knowledge and experience that goes above and beyond their technical expertise.


As the original operator in the Spencer Lake area, Chugach Adventures has spent years developing a superb reputation, building relationships with the AK Railroad, other businesses and agencies. It is one of just three guiding services granted permission to operate at Spencer Glacier in the Chugach National Forest.


Sometimes it’s too windy to kayak comfortably. Sometimes a member of the group might have more difficulty paddling than expected. Chugach Adventures’ tight-knit team of guides knows how to flex tours in order to provide the best experience for each group, whether it’s responding to a weather-related issue or adjusting for the experience level and interest of guests. The company also maintains a variety of watercraft – canoes, kayaks, and rafts – which also makes adjustments possible.

Luxury & Private Options

Chugach Adventures’ offers Alaska’s best remote Glacier Salmon Bake meal. Join them for your finest authentic Alaskan meal underneath the midnight sun. Or spend two days camping at Spencer Glacier in style with options to kayak, raft, & step onto a glacier.

Comet Heli Hiking Trip

Experience the wilderness of the Chugach National Forest from several different perspectives. Combine a helicopter ride, alpine hike, glacial lake tour, river rafting and train ride all in 9-10 hours! It’s one big and bold Alaska tour de force with Chugach Adventures.


Chugach Adventures

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Chugach Adventures - Rafting with Icebergs


Spencer Lake Kayaking Photo by Corey Anderson


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