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Girdwood Laundry & Showers

Girdwood Laundry was voted the #1 Laundromat in America by Coin-Op Magazine.

Several businesses operate under one roof. Beside offering drop-off laundry, there is a restaurant with beer and wine with an expansive outside deck. There is also a full service hair salon, and a certified massage therapist. High speed internet & full room showers.

It is worth a trip to the Laundromall just for the artwork. A panoramic mural of Glacier Valley adorns the walls and the rounded vaulted ceiling. Northern lights scamper up the ceiling to accentuate the beautifully sculptured constellations we see here in March.

Two themes highlight the artwork in the Laundromall – tropical and Alaskan with an emphasis on our Northern lights.

Come and see why it was voted the most beautiful laundromat in the country, and some say the world.


Girdwood Laundry & Showers
PO Box 501
Girdwood, Alaska