Call Us Today! 1-888-999-9587| – Girdwood Alaska 2017-07-20T15:24:24+00:00 was built by locals for locals AND visitors to our lovely town. We hope you use this helpful resource to help you plan an amazing vacation, figure out where to eat, or simply discover the happenings in your local town. has built in community minded aspects to the website which include a blog, seasonal videos, a community calendar and an awesome local weather page

Use as resource for:

  • Finding activities depending on the season
  • Checking out the weather –
  • Locating trails and trail maps around the area
  • Deciding where to go to dinner
  • Planning your wedding
  • Planning your winter vacation
  • Planning your summer vacation
  • Seeing when the Post Office is open
  • Seeing what’s happening in the community
  • Learning about our past or hearing local’s stories
  • All the information you need when moving to Girdwood
  • What to do in Girdwood
  • Where to Stay in Girdwood
  • Where to Eat in Girdwood
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